E-Mail Etiquette

email, e-mail, letter, electronic mail, courtesy, bcc field

Have you ever wondered why you're getting e-mail from someone you don't even know?

Fact is, it's probably a virus. One that may have infected someone's computer and is probably one that sends emails out to everyone in their address book.

But I don't even know this person, how did they get in my address book?

Fact is, in Microsoft Outlook Express (which is the default e-mail client that comes with Windows) when you hit reply (or in some cases, reply to all) every recipient in the TO and CC field is AUTOMATICALLY added to your address book. The BCC field not only hides the addresses from would be spammers, but it also WILL NOT add these addresses to your address book.

Not only is it a common courtesy to use the BCC field when sending a mass e-mail, but it makes sense to avoid spreading unnecessary e-mail problems. So next time you mass e-mail your friends and family, think about this and use caution.

email, e-mail, letter, electronic mail, courtesy, bcc field

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